When I turned fifty, I made two wishes, or rather chose two goals for the next years.

For a long time I wanted to master the bridge game. Before that, from early childhood, I played chess. It was

common in the past century. In my youth I gambled backgammon.  In the army I learned the preferance game.

Later on I preferred to play a “fool cards game”  to pair with my parents-in-law.

Bridge has always seemed to be a game of lords. It's a different world. It sounds unattainable.

- Today and next Thursday I am at the bridge club, and in a week I would leave for participation in one

prestigious bridge tournament.


I had been putting off my dream for way too long. It's like wearing a tuxedo one day.

The trigger was the tragic death of a close Bulgarian friend. He died in a car accident in his blossoming

forty-four years. It became clear at his funeral that it would be foolish to postpone the goals, even if they still

were amorphous. Life is short and sometimes ends suddenly. You  might not have time to realize your dream

by principal.

Well, when I’ve read the famous joke of Warren Buffett - Oracle from Oklahoma, that he is ready

to sit in a prison cell for some time, if he will have three professional partners to play bridge

meanwhile. Everything clicked into the right place for me.

To make story short, I’m now well in sport bridge. Later on I would translate my short bridge stories.

They are about the emotions and cases that accompany this great game. I also dream of going on a

cruise for bridge players – to combine the journey with the pleasure. Sounds great to me! It's important,

to have a dream.



The second dream was to write a full-fledged novel. I’m not exactly new in literature. It is a passion of mine. Since 2007, I created a lot of miniatures, stories, traveler’s notes; novelette “Maya. Chronicle of one life” and the novel “Namtar”. All in Russian.


The first time I heart about Sumerian civilization was in the early nineties, from my Austrian teacher, Arnold Graf von Keyserling. I was introduced to the world of a long-vanished civilization, that I had never heard of.

Twenty-five years passed, bringing wealth and harmony to my family. Nonetheless the Sumerians were always my desire and groundwork.






Цитата из романа "Намтар"

Жизнь человека полна неожиданностей и опасностей, – начал говорить мудрый Наба. – Человеку не дано знать свою судьбу, хотя ты пришёл именно за этим. Судьбу человека определяют непостижимые для нас в своей мудрости боги, следуя священным законам списка «Ме».

Мы часто стенаем и жалуемся, сталкиваясь с очевидной несправедливостью, когда сын умирает раньше отца, когда в один миг рушится привычный мир человека, и богатый попадает в рабство, здоровый становится калекой, а мудрец сходит с ума. У нас нет защиты от предопределённости судьбы. Недаром мы шумеры сравниваем судьбу со зверем, всегда готовым укусить. Нам остаётся только взывать к милости богов, скорбеть, каяться в грехах и ошибках и радоваться каждому прожитому мигу жизни.

Иногда судьба бросает нам вызов и заставляет пройти через тяжёлые испытания и страдания, чтобы дать нам урок и возможность зародиться новому в нашей жизни. Мы сбрасываем в муках и болях кокон из прошлого, чтобы вспорхнуть разноцветной бабочкой в сияющее небо настоящего.